1-800-Cashoffer & Credibility

It is true that the best ideas are sometimes driven by necessity!

We recently launched a company called 1-800-CashOffer because we saw a huge unmet need in the marketplace.

Residential real estate investors serve a very important function in the real estate economy. By purchasing, fixing up and selling property that is in disrepair they improve neighborhoods, increase property values, and provide an outlet for property that would otherwise sit vacant. They purchase homes going into foreclosure and both save a person’s credit in a tough situation and provide an outlet for the bank to quickly sell the property (banks do not want to foreclose, they do so because they have to).

Unfortunately, because of the actions of a few un-educated, un-professional, and un-scrupulous investors that have gone to a get-rich-quick seminar – the industry has started to get a black eye. The increased rate of mortgage fraud some so-called investors have been involved in has not helped any.

1-800-CashOffer was created so that scrupulous, honest investors that have the ability to purchase a home for cash and close quickly, can operate under a national reputable brand that consumers can trust.

Home sellers can feel confident that they will be treated right and that the real estate investor is experienced and will follow through on their commitments.

We have combined 1-800-CashOffer with our “Certified Professional Homebuyer” program that certifies an investors experience level and ability to purchase a home quickly for cash, in addition to holding them to a higher standard of ethics.

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