Do you have a plan?

Where there is no vision, the people perish” – Proverbs 29:18

Real estate investing, just like everything else in life requires a plan.  You can not float through it without a set path and expect to be successful.

This is more then just “I want to make a million dollars buying houses”.  This is a methodical step-by-step plan that starts with a vision (perhaps the statement above) and is boiled down to the detailed elements of your daily tasks.

Your plan should answer the WHAT, HOW, WHEN, and WHY of everything you do.

Investing is NOT complex.  Most people fail because they meander along aimlessly for a period of time with short bursts of activity.

If you have a well thought out plan, with clear defined goals, and you execute that plan in a consistent manner with perseverance I guarantee that you will be successful.  Use this simple formula and “all your your wildest dreams come true”.  (This is worth 100 times more then any money you’ll give to a late night “guru” – and it’s free!)

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