Home Sales Up in March Says NAR – 1/3 are ALL CASH

The National Association of Realtors came out with their regular report on the housing market, and they are saying that existing home sales are up 3.7% for March.

That number isn’t all the interesting – but here’s what is:

All-cash sales were at a record market share of 35 percent in March, up from 33 percent in February; they were 27 percent in March 2010. Investors accounted for 22 percent of sales activity in March, up from 19 percent in February; they were 19 percent in March 2010. The balance of sales were to repeat buyers.

This means that all-cash transactions are one third of the current residential real estate market.  Real estate investors are coming back in a big way, with big money behind them.

With thousands of home sellers contacting us each month at 1-800-CashOffer and FastHomeOffer.com, I can confirm that much of the real estate market is made up of cash buyers and sellers looking for a cash offer.

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