LeadFeed – RSS leads from Fast Home Offers

We recently launched RSS feeds at Fast Home Offers.  This allows investors all over the world who purchase leads from us to view them via 3rd party products like Bloglines or FeedDemon (my new favorite).

After our press release and email to current subscribers the response was as expected.  About 30% “This is great, exactly what we need” and 70% “what is RSS, how does this work, why do I need it?”.  Obviously I need to do a better job of educating our customers on new products (not everyone knows what a BLOG is!).

This launch was precipitated by the very large amount of email that bounces back to us from SPAM and Junk Mail  filters – both on individual computers and at the service provider level (aside – when is email going to get fixed? It is becoming almost useless for marketing anymore).

To view the RSS feeds and subscribe (leads are by state right now) visit LeadFeed.

We are always looking for ways to increase our ability to serve real estate investors.

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