Making Offers on Houses

You’ve done your marketing, you are getting calls, but somehow you are having a hard time closing the deal and buying a property. What’s the problem?

Many investors struggle with how to present offers to home owners, while it seems to come naturally to others. This entire process essentially boils down to selling. You are selling your services, reputation, integrity, and experience to the home owner. Your job is to convince them that your solution is better then their

Whenever you are selling something (coffee, cars, houses, etc.) one of the most important things to remember is – you are providing a solution. This is what sales is all about. Someone has a problem/need/desire and you are there with the answer.

The homeowner does NOT care about:

  • why you only buy houses for xx% of value
  • how much equity you need
  • how much cash you have in the bank
  • what you are going to do with the house after you buy it
  • how busy you are
  • what your schedule is
  • etc.

None of these things provide a solution to the home owner’s problem.

If the purpose of sales is to provide a solution, how can you structure your offers to provide a solution to the home owner’s problem?

Meet the Need
Understand what the desires of the home owner are before you make your offer. Did their mom just die in the house and they don’t want the hassle and memories of dealing with a drawn out sale? Did their company relocate them and provide for all their expenses, now their original house is just dead weight? Are they in the middle
of a divorce and need a quick sale to settle things?

The reasons why someone wants to sell their house are as many as the styles of homes out there. The key is to understand the why – so your solution can match their need.

Walk Away
There are A LOT of deals out there. Do not waste your time chasing property that
does not fit your buying criteria (you DO have a buying criteria don’t you?). We make an offer on every single house that we see. But we do not chase deals. You’ll end up buying property that is a poor investment, or miss the 3 great deals because you are so tied up in the bad one.

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