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The Wall Street Journal has interviewed me for stories around building a business, real estate, and management.

Cost-Cutting Ideals You Might Not Have Thought Of

Along with other business owners from Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the WSJ interviewed me for ideas on how to save money as a business owner.  We still put every business expense we can on credit cards with points so we rarely pay for flights or hotels (and can offer some great rewards to employees without costing the business money!).

Bitter Presidential Race Breeds Workplace Tensions

This story focused on how to deal with divisive political issues in a business environment.  Being able to have strong differences of opinion while remaining civil is critical.  This turned into a feature story about our office environment including pictures of our team happy-hour at Whirlyball and photos from our office.

Trading Places – Maybe

Like many things, real estate fads come and go.  In 2008 the WSJ interviewed me about “House Swapping” which was receiving a lot of press attention at the time.  I thought it was a fad and was sure that very few “House Swaps” ever took place despite the claims of the companies interviewed.  Today, both the house swapping companies interviewed appear to no longer be in business.