Real Estate Tech #1 – Duplicating Lead Information

How do you get your leads?

If you have a web site (almost all agents and investors do) that you collect leads from (why do you have a web site if you aren’t collecting leads?), how do you receive that information?

Most people it seems have the home owner fill out information on their web site, which sends them an email, where they re-enter the information into their contact management software (if you aren’t using this, more on that later).

This is a waste of time!  Once information is in once place, you should never have to re-enter it somewhere else.  Almost all contact management software has a function to import information from a web site or email (ACT!, Goldmine,, etc. can all do this).

I’ve spoken with investors who have full time staff members that spend their entire day collecting information from property owners and entering it into the computer.  If you have a smaller operation, how much of your time is wasted with entering data, instead of marketing, buying, or selling?

Lastly, if you do not have a web site you are missing out on a huge opportunity.  Home owners spend 10 – 30 minutes each entering their information at our web site – Fast Home Offers.  With 4,500 people contacting us every month, that is 2,250 HOURS each month we might spend if we took all of the calls directly – that is almost 15 full time staff members!

Where are you duplicating information?  Find out and commit to stop wasting time!

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