Real Estate Tech – Introduction

Are using technology to it’s fullest in your real estate (or any) business?

It seems that real estate – especially at the agent and individual investor level – is a market that uses technology the least and could benefit the most from it.

Many investors are are the “just get it done” type.  They will repeat a task over and over without taking a step back to critically think about the process and how it might be done more efficiently.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting various tips on how to combine the use of technology with your business.  If you implement these tips, they could save your hours of wasted time.

Some areas I’ll cover:

  • Why your file cabinets should be mostly empty
  • Are all your leads going into your computer, or a stack of paper?
  • Are you entering your leads into your computer, or is the seller?
  • How fast can you put together a purchase contract, warranty deed, or lease contract? (hint – if it is longer then 30 seconds to a few minutes, you are wasting a LOT of time)
  • Do you know how effective your marketing is?
  • Could you tell someone the content and date of every conversation you’ve ever had with a homeowner or tenant?
  • Could you easily direct mail every home owner in a 10 block radius of a zip code who has owned their house for more then 10 years, doesn’t live in it, and has a property older then 15 years?

Keep checking back, I’ll post something every few days.

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